Tuesday, March 22, 2011

elearning CE: Activity 3 - Mirza (14)

Leaders have good traits such as being a good listener, responsibility, approachable, confidence, role modeling and a lot others. A leader that is a good listener would always listen to its follower's or friend's idea instead of all of them following the leader's idea without even asking them if the idea is a good thing or not. Being a responsible leader is to meet the expectations of the task like, its punctuality, deadlines, also, a leader has to do work too and not boss people around and tell them to do their work. Being a leader is to guide people to a certain goal that has been set, it is not to tell them what to do. Leaders should be a person that can be easily approachable and not someone who is hard to talk to. It is easier to give ideas or share problems to an approachable leader rather than someone that is not. Leaders also have to be confident at all times and not shy. A leader has to stand up for its group when something wrong happens. A good leader will always be a role model to others.

A good leader always remain calm when a crisis happens. They should think of a different way to tackle that problem. A leader should never panic and will calm their team mates down if they are in the state of panic. 

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