Tuesday, March 22, 2011

eLearning CE: Activity 3 - Jonathan Then (09)

   Here is a list crafted by William Bill Cole on the top ten traits that leaders possess.
  1. The ability to learn from themselves and others, no matter the situation.
  2. A humbleness that is inspiring.
  3. Integrity, honesty and a strong moral compass
  4. Mental toughness and resilience under adversity.
  5. Capacity for love, compassion, sensitivity and understanding.
  6. Ability to breach the dichotomy between big vision and the smallest detail.
  7. Sincere respect for human dignity and genuine concern for others.
  8. Taking responsibility for themselves and their behavior.
  9. Inspiring words, actions and emotions that propel others to go beyond their preconceived limits.
  10. The ability to renew themselves and others through story, humor, perspective and reflection.
Leaders know themselves. Leaders help themselves. Leaders use themselves as vehicles for good. Leaders embody what is good and right in the world. Leaders shine the light so others can come out of the darkness.

I think that leaders would remain calm when under stressful situations. They would quickly think of an effective situation which enables to resolve the problem.

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