Tuesday, March 22, 2011

eLearning CE: Activity 3 - Vivek (16)

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I chose to talk about Martin Luther King Jr and about his leadership traits and how he handled periods of frustration:


He challenged authority


Willingness to risk their lives for their goals

Making the people around him act


Showing the way

Handling frustration:

In his fight for racial balance, he did hit the hearts of all Afro-Americans but at one part of time, the practices going on for racial desegregation were not going so well and the success rate was only below 9%. He raised it to the Supreme Court where they ended up returning remedial power to each state. Going up to the Supreme Court and fighting for the case to pass also would have been a huge obstacle with already quite a frustrated mind.

After fighting and getting the law through, even after that the Afro-Americans did not give in a nice environment for education and there were many problems with that. Martin Luther King was obviously disappointed and did not want that to continue. He involved the parents so that something could be done and that would help the Afro-Americans.

He always thought of way that could help both parties compromise and understand. He showed the way of tackling problems and not making them worlds by quenching your anger on something.

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