Tuesday, March 22, 2011

eLearning CE:Activity 3 Daniel Chan(07)

I believe that a good leader should always have a listening ear,be it listening to others problems or when they want to state their opinions.A good leader must be responsible and not push the blame to others for his/her own mistakes.Good leaders have to be able to speak their mind and not be afraid,and also be able to inspire confidence in others and make them follow in their footsteps.A good leader is not one who sits on the chair of luxury and slave around others,telling them what to do for his own goals.A good leader would instead guide others towards their own goals,and also help them become good leaders themselves.

I think that a good leader would be able to remain clam no matter what kind of crisis is going on and with any kind of situation.He or she would be able to think things through carefully and decide the best possible course of action.However,a good leader would also know that he or she can rely on peers for help,be it their opinion on certain things or help for different projects.

Daniel Chan(07)

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