Tuesday, March 22, 2011

eLearning CE: Activity 3 - Tay Kun Yao (19)

What traits do a Leader possess?

A leader must have some of these traits in order to lead others. These traits are Communication Skills, Good Listener, have Confidence and finally, takes Responsibility and Ownership.

A leader needs good Communication Skills because he needs to convey his message to others. A leader has to be able to motivate others and this can be done by communicating with them. Furthermore, by communicating, a leader's peers would know what the leader expects and wants from them.

A leader has to be a Good Listener. Being a Good Listener would earn the leader respect from his/her peers, Being a Good Listener would help the leader earn trust from his peers. Listening to what your peers have to say about a certain project, such as giving ideas or problems about a certain solution, would help your progress and your peers would also listen to you.

A leader needs to have Confidence. This is most important. A leader cannot have a give-up attitude. Having Confidence in yourself would influence your peers around you to also have confidence in themselves to be able to complete a certain task. Having Confidence, your peers would believe that it is not the end. To have Confidence, you must keep calmed and know that you can eventually solve the problem.

At last,

A leader needs to have Responsibility and Ownership. This is also one of the most important traits that a leader must have. If a leader does not take Responsibility and Ownership for himself (His Actions/Work) and for his team members, it proves that he is not a successful/promising leader (Online). If a leader doesn't have Responsibility, a task would never get completed and without taking ownership for your actions, you'll not be respected or seen as a good leader by your peers.

How do you think a Good Leader manages crisis under stressful situations?

I think a Good Leader should remain calm and know that it is not the end yet, the world still continues spinning. A Good Leader can remain calm if he thinks positively like going to his happy place or simply know that there's a solution to every situation including this crisis.

After remaining calm, he/she could seek help from his peers or family members. He should not be afraid to lose face by asking someone who does not know much about your situation, because you'll never know that he/she that you asked may come up with a great idea or be an inspiration for you. 

It's good to share your problem, of course with someone who cares, because it helps by letting out your frustration, but you have to refrain yourself from saying something that would harm the person who is willing to listen to your situation. Eventually, you'll be able to find a solution for your situation.

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